Wedding Kit: Do You Have Everything Ready?

Naturally, it’s best to give yourself as much time as possible so that you’re not stressing the week of the wedding. Such big, important events are stressful enough without adding onto it. Here’s when we recommend getting your printed wedding products from About the Print.


Wedding Planner: From Engagement

Every detail leading up to and including the wedding day requires special attention to detail. As soon as you know the date, get your hands on your wedding planner. You’ll be able to keep track of details and dates from the start.


Wedding Invitations: 8-10 Weeks

Ideally, invitations should go out 6-8 weeks from the wedding. Whatever your style of wedding, make sure your guests will have enough time to clear their schedules and, if necessary, save money to make the trip. If it’s a destination wedding where your guests will need to travel, make sure they go out around three months before the big day.

This goes for all the add-ons in your invitation package, like envelopes, belly bands, save the date cards, and response cards!


Wedding Journals: At least 2 months

Remember every detail of the big day! Memories can fade, whether of the engagement, the wedding, or those early days after. 

You might want these from when you’re first engaged. One bride kept a journal of the days leading up to her wedding, as did the groom. Once they were married, they traded journals so that the other could see all the things they loved about each other during the last days of their engagement. 


Vow books: At least 1 month

How much time do you need to write your vows? This can be highly personal depending on you and your spouse. However, you probably shouldn’t wait until you have less than a month to receive your vow books. Those calm moments to write your vows can get scarcer and scarcer as the wedding date approaches!


Guest Books: At least 3 weeks

Get these ahead of time if you’re inserting photos! If you’re leaving the pages blank, you might not have to rush. Don’t forget the pens!



What’s your schedule for wedding preparation? About The Print wants to make sure that you get everything you need for your wedding or wedding business right on time.

Straight from Broadway: Watercolor Art Prints of Musical Theatre

About the Print can work with companies of any size, whether you want art prints for your own home or for your business. We recently completed an order of the former by a local designer.

A big Broadway fan, she wanted art prints for her home. She designed these “watercolor” prints of her favorite shows, large and small. Each one features part of the original poster, a favorite quote, and a silhouette that captures an important moment in each of the shows. But it’s not just the elements; the final look makes them all a little artsier and unique than just hanging up posters in her home.

Design and Printing

Each uses a texture that looks like watercolor paper and a Photoshop technique that makes it look as if each design was painted onto canvas. They become the perfect home décor with this design, as unique as the homeowner!

Of course, when it came time to printing them, these 16x20 prints were a perfect match for About the Print. It’s as easy as uploading them to our website and making sure that they fit our templates in the preview.

We printed these designs on our top-of-the-line HP Indigo printers, giving them gorgeous, true-to-life hues that pop off the page.

The final product looks incredible, ready to go in sturdy black frames that offset all of the pieces as they hang on the wall.


You too can get high-quality prints shipped right to your door with only a few clicks. Because it's coming from About the Print by Alexander's, you know you'll receive service you can trust.

Why wait at all? Head on over to our Art Prints page, and get started creating gorgeous artwork and photo prints for you or your clients!

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